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Do you believe in Psychics?


Do You Believe in Psychics?

By Amy Short

There are many arguments as to whether psychics can really tune in to you and give you valid information using purely their intuitive ability. Sceptics claim that psychics use a technique called ‘cold reading’. Cold reading is a term used by magicians and mentalists whereby they look for clues from the person from what they say, analysing body language, asking questions and hooking on to any information they may be given. This could be the case if you were having a face to face reading with a psychic who is not genuine, but that is unlikely to work with a psychic telephone reading.

Telephone psychics use varied skills to read for you. The majority of them tune in to your voice vibration and sense things about your life just by speaking to you. A good psychic would usually only ask their client for basic information, such as your first name and your date of birth (to make sure you are over 18 years old) but should not need to ask any further questions.

Many sceptics believe that psychics are frauds and take advantage of vulnerable people, hooking on to often normal insecurities and longings. However, research shows that the majority of the public believe that good psychics are genuine and that a psychic reading would benefit most people. Research also shows that The Parapsychological Association (scientists that study PSI phenomena) has claimed good evidence for many different powers when testing psychics for ESP, in a sensory deprived environment. Each one of us is born with natural instincts, a gut feeling or an inner intuitive ability. Psychics have developed this ability and have learnt to communicate their feelings and what they sense about your life. Research has shown that our natural intuition is correct 90% of the time so this means that we could all quite easily become ‘psychic’. If we focus on trusting our instincts and developing our intuition, believing that we are making the right decisions in our own life situations, and then when we become confident, we can begin to guide others.

If you have ever had a good psychic reading, you will know what a truly enlightening experience it is. It gives you the confidence and determination to take control of your life and move forward in a positive way. The psychic will prove their intuitive link with you by connecting with your past, your present and then tell you what they see for your future. A ‘general’ psychic reading would look at all areas of your life or you can choose a more specific reading by asking the psychic to focus on a particular issue in your life. If you ever feel that the psychic is not connecting, it is better to end the call and speak to another psychic. This can occasionally happen.

I have had many experiences of psychic telephone readings whilst going through a few unsettling times in my life when I needed guidance. I always gave no clue to the psychic why I was calling, just asked for a general reading to see what they picked up. Many of the readings went in to great detail and depth and the psychics pinpointed some extremely accurate information which was impossible for them to know about me. I appreciated how they never ‘told’ me what to do but just offered their guidance for me to make my own decisions. With the help of psychic guidance and going on my own gut feeling, I made some quite major life choices that were not at all easy but definitely turned out to be the right decisions for me. I have had psychics describe people I was going to meet, things that were going to happen and have been given dates of events – all of which came true. I have spoken to mediums (psychics who can connect with loved ones who have passed over) and re-connected with my grandparents and learnt things about them I didn’t know. After the reading, I validated the details with my mother and it all made perfect sense. I believe that many people worry what they might hear from a psychic, but in the many readings I have had, I have never had a negative experience.

My friend Michael recently had his first reading with a psychic medium. He felt in limbo with his life – he desperately wanted to sell his house and a long-term relationship had recently ended but he asked for a general reading and did not hint at the areas of his life where he needed clarification. The psychic picked up on these two issues immediately, reassuring him that his house would sell within the next 3 months and described his new house and village where he would move to. The house that she described was exactly the one that he had viewed and fallen in love with earlier that week. She reassured him that his relationship had run its’ course and had come to an end at the right time. He was told that once he had moved house and settled, he would meet his future lifetime partner and was given an in depth description of them. The most enlightening part of the reading was when she connected with his father who had passed away two years ago. She described his father’s mannerisms and passed on comments about what is going on in his life at the moment, to prove that he is around him. He congratulated him on losing weight and said how he loved to watch him play Scrabble with his friends! Michael did not always have an easy relationship with his father but felt he had a sense of peace when the psychic medium told him that his father said he understood him better now. Michael says that the reading was a life changing experience and has reassured him that he can look forward to a positive future.

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